The Q&A at IAC 2016 Elon Musk’s Presentation for Interplanetary Colonization – Really!?

Elon Musk’s presentation at the International Astronomical Convention 2016 could be considered a “we chose to go to the moon” moment for the private space industry… I got up at 4:30 AEST to watch the live stream and was interested to hear the big announcement. To Elon’s credit the presentation was deliberately impactful, reminiscent of an Apple press conference; generating much hype, media and social capital in the online community (r/spacex for example…)… but the questions that followed were frankly disappointing.

As extracted from the subreddit comments, these were some choice examples of how people responded when given the microphone.
– “Yahh ive been to burning man and there was totally shit everywhere man! Ya know? Totally! Is mars going to be a literal shitstorm”
– “Will you let me give you my fan fiction?”
– “Can I kiss you?”
– “Will you send Michael Cera to space for a web series?”
– “Will you look at my bus?”


Though I cannot give any informed technical opinion about the plans (it just all looks fricken awesome), I thought from a PR perspective it didn’t bode well for Musk.


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