Lesson 2 Flying Straight and Levelf

Date: 11/6/2016
Flight/Purpose: Flying Straight and Level
Flight Time (hr): 1
Aircraft: VH-KEP, PA-28

Airport: Hervey Bay Aerodrome
Instructor: MM, Briefing time (hr): 0.8
Time to take off: ____Runway: 29 YHBA
Time to land: ___ Runway: 29   YHBA
Total Engine time: ___ Approx. Fuel ____
Wx: Cloud, Wind Direction, Wind Strength, Wind types, Visibility, QNH, Changes in Wx Conditions, Precipitation, (none reported) – BOM daily wx obs: Temps Min (°C) 12.7, Max (°C), 24.4, Rain (mm) 0, Evap – Sun – [[Max daily wind gust: Dir SW, Spd (km/h) 20, Time (local) 9:17am]] [[9:00am record: Temp  (°C) 17.6, RH (%) 60, Cloud, – Dir SW, Spd (km/h) 15, MSLP (hPA) 1023.3]], [[3:00pm record: Temp (°C) 23.8, RH (%) 50, Cloud – , Dir ESE, Spd (km/h) 11, MSLP (hPa) 1019.7]]


Briefing discussion
As for homework a basic aircraft checklist and radio calls were provided
Radios: YHBA AWIS 134.9, general


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