Lesson 1.

Date: 13/5/2016
Flight/Purpose: Introduction Flight
Flight Time (hr): 0.8
Aircraft: VH-KEP, PA-28

Airport: Hervey Bay Aerodrome
Instructor: BS , Briefing time (hr): 0.8
Time to take off: ____Runway: 11
Time to land: ___ Runway: 11         Total Engine time: ___ Approx. Fuel ____
Wx: Cloud, Wind Direction, Wind Strength, Wind types, Visibility, QNH, Changes in Wx Conditions, Precipitation, BOM daily wx obs: Temps Min (°C) 7.6 Max (°C) 26.1, Rain (mm) 0, Evap – Sun – [[Max daily wind gust: Dir ESE, Spd (km/h) 24, Time (local) 15:07]] [[9:00am record: Temp  (°C) 18.9, RH (%) 51, Cloud -, Dir SSW, Spd (km/h)13, MSLP (hPA) 1022.2]], [[3:00pm record: Temp (°C) 25.1, RH (%) 48, Cloud -, Dir SE, Spd (km/h) 13, MSLP (hPa) 1019.5]]
Goals: 1) Understand the flight surfaces and general control of the aircraft in good wx conditions and straight and level flight. 2) Familiarise oneself with aircraft 3) Familiarise oneself with airport and layout.
Briefing discussion – flight basics and wing surfaces, lift formulae, work cycle power attitude and trim, the basic circuit and approach to exit or enter the circuit, radio calls,

Tasks: Check the air surfaces, checked the
Notes: 1973 Aircraft Carburettor piston engine, good working order, minor abrasions on nose wheel, dash looks worn, cockpit aged and some controls missing or in various states of disrepair and maintenance. The central pressure gauge is loose in the window, good visibility through the front and side windows. No rear window. 4 seats total, difficult to get in and out, due to low-riding seats. The seats are foam, relatively new upholstery but difficult to adjust to correct position. Right rudder pedal has reduced responsiveness, brakes are jumpy at first but easy to work with. Instrumentation includes rudimentary navaids and a Garmin GPS navman. Dual flight yokes – smooth and easy to operate in all direction. Sufficient resistance on rudder and yoke. Trim requires a lot of adjustment to maintain good balance. Rudder is rarely used when performing turns, but necessary when engine set to full power. Headphone gain needs to be adjusted according to background noise levels.
Aerodrome is a single runway operating in both directions on headings ~110 and 290 degrees. There is no tower control so it is necessary to call out to traffic and ensure that you know what is going on in the landing/take off pattern and also to ensure others know what you want to do. Approx $20 landing fee is applied upon radioing on final.

Radios: YHBA AWIS 134.9, general


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